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Upcoming Events

Winter/Spring 2016


Happy Tails Park, Plantation, FL

Saturday Jan. 30  10am-3pm

Bring your pet!  • Lots of vendors!



Sawgrass Sanctuary Park

237 North New River Circle, Sunrise, FL

Saturday February 6.  11am - 4pm

*FREE to get in!  • Bring your pets!



100 SW 3rd Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Saturday February 13, 12 - 5pm

Great venue! 


6th Annual South Florida PET EXPO

West Palm Beach, FL

Saturday March 19  10am - 6pm

Sunday March 20   11am - 4pm

FREE to get in! • Pets welcome!








PITBULLSHIRT.COM was created to raise awareness about the plight of the pitbull, spread the message of rescue & adoption, and generate funds for pitbull rescue & advocacy non-profit organizations.

All of our designs are positive and fun (and great conversation-starters for those of us who enjoy speaking about why we adore pitbulls)! We add new shirts regularly, so please check back often. You can also find out about pitbull-related events happening in South Florida.

Please check out our other company, TOMMYPOPART.COM, for custom-created, hand-painted pop-art style, original portraits of your very own canine or feline best friends on canvas!

If you're a friend to pitbulls, please try to advocate for them every chance you get... even if it's by simply wearing a shirt that makes a pitbull-positive statement!

"Making a difference, one shirt at a time... "

All materials on these pages are copyrighted by Tommy Pop Art, LLC, including all T-shirt artwork, designs, and images, as well as all T-shirt text and slogans. No part of these pages, either text nor photograph nor image, may be used for any purpose. Reproduction or modification in any form, or by any means electronic, mechanical or otherwise, is strictly prohibited by law without written permission by Tommy Pop Art, LLC.

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The FEBRUARY 2016 donation recipient(s) of the month are:

For The Love Of Pits


Thea's Promise Pitbull Rescue



Pitbullshirt.com was created for YOU,

The PROUD Pitbull Owner!

 Just the facts:
All shirt designs are PITBULL-POSITIVE Themed.
All shirts have "Save A Dog. Adopt" printed on them.
All shirts are conversation starters. (A great way to educate the misinformed)
All shirts are designed and printed in the U.S.A.
And the best part... 10% of YOUR shirt sale proceeds are donated to our designated pitbull charities of the month!


"Thank YOU Pitbullshirt.com fans for supporting the most thoughtful, kind, and loving dog breed in the world!" - Tommy



N E W S  O F  T H E  M O N T H  -February 2016

PIT BULLS AND PAROLEES cast JULY2014Happy Valentine's Day Pittie fans!  We here at PitbullShirt hope you, your family, and your pitties have a fantastic day! So what is new? We've just added our handmade wooden Pitbull Beverage Coasters to our line-up of cool and unique products! We also have custom made Solid .925 Silver Pitbull Rings and Pendant jewelry! 2 SILVER PITBULL Rings, and three beautiful silver charms. Our PITBULL HEART CHARM is turning out to be THE HOTTEST SELLER so far! **The Ultimate VALENTINE'S DAY Pittie Lover Bling for her.. and him! We also have new PITBULL ARMY shirts and designs land a New Vintage PITBULL LIFE American Dog "Postive Quotes" design! It is one of our biggest screen printings yet coming in at 20" long (that is the ENTIRE front of the shirt!) We have them in Shirts, Ladies Baby Dolls and Men's Tank Tops. -Go ahead and take a look on your right ("This is one of my favorite designs!" Tommy the designer declared). And yes, our SPECIAL WINTER SALE Continues!!!~ HAPPINESS Cool White T-Shirts at HALF PRICE! Only $12.50

PEANUT THE PITBULL Book NEWS: Did you know that we sell a book a day on Amazon.com? It does not sound like a lot, but it just goes to show that there are plenty of pittie lovers out there! We PROUDLY launched the PEANUT THE PITBULL Children's Book Series (ages 4-12) in November 2013. We have received nothing but GREAT reviews for this colorfully illustrated book that helps teach young ones about the joy of choosing to adopt a pet, also touching upon the responsibilities of dog ownership, as well as the unfair practice of breed specific discrimination. Ultimately, Peanut The Pitbull book shows how rewarding it can be to add a rescued dog to your family. We also have a LIMITED VERSION edition, that includes a personal signed book, a signed book plate, and we are donating a $1 to a designated pitbull rescue of the month!! They are located in the PEANUT'S STORE section. And yes, The Official PEANUT'S PAGE is up'n'running!!! And just released is Peanut's little friend in the book series, Bailey The Mouse. His very own children's book is now avaliable. The NEW PEANUT Book, PEANUT'S SUMMER VACTION! will be ready to purchase early March 2016 and also a young reader of the original PEANUT THE PITBULL book is READY TO PURCHASE! You can become a Facebook fan of Peanut The Pitbull - Just click on the Peanut Facebook Icon on the left!

CUSTOM PITBULL JEWERLY: And last but not least, as mentioned above, we launched our NEW PITBULL jewelry line, THE SILVER PITBULL. These are all hand-carved from a block of wax using the ancient Art Of Wax method. Tommy is creating all of these one-of-a-kind treasures! Look at our side bar on the right to see these bold creations!

 CESARTOMMY SHARONOther FAN favorites: Our BOLD AND PITBULL POSITIVE Car/Truck Back Window Decal, Pitbull Army ~ No Dog Left Behind. ALSO!!! We now carry All Natural Doggie Treats! And LAST but not LEAST!!! We have Spectacular Satin-Lined 1.5-inch Dog Collars! 12 beautiful designs to choose from!

*LINDA**Don't forget we have LONG SLEEVE Shirts and Baby Dolls for those chilly WINTER nights!

Need a fun day out with your pittie? Check out our awesome events planner! See the sidebar on left for details and directions.

PITBULL ARMY NEWS: Three years ago we launched another branch of Pitbull Shirt. Pitbull Army will be dedicated to those who make a difference to our beloved bully breeds, and to the precious dogs whose lives are touched by them. Check out our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/PitbullArmyUSA) for Pitbull Army. And of course, we will have some COOL product that feature the PitbullArmy.com theme. Awesome dog tags, vinyl car/truck back window decals, bumper stickers and our original over-sized printed T-Shirts and Baby Dolls with some striking designs. And yes, just as with PitbullShirt.com, 10% of ALL shirt proceeds from PitbullArmy.com will be donated to our Pitbull Shirt recipients of the month! 

COOL STUFF! Our PITBULL ARMY DOG TAGS! -  Our PITBULL ARMY laser engraved dog tags are constructed of bright, eye-catching U.S. lab certified lead-free series-6000 anodized aluminum. They are available in BLACK, PURPLE and SILVER. (*The silver looks similar to frosted glass — the engraving is matte silver against the shiny silver of the dog tag).--- PLUS: At no extra cost, we are attaching a 30" neck chains to your dog tags... and packaging your items individually in protective polybags. 


PIT BOSS cast copy 2

NEWS FLASH!: In Tommy Pop Art News: Tommy has finished his new book, TOMMY POP ART: The First 6 Years – 2009-2015. This 66 page, FULL-COLOR book is ready to purchase!!! --- Over 100 pop art pet portraits! * It looks AWESOME!!!!! - Tommy

TOMMY POP ART: We also offer Pop Art Pet Portraits that will brighten up any room in the house! Decorate your favorite room with a custom, hand drawn and hand painted portrait of your "pittie(s)" in beautiful pop art colors, or natural colors. It is your call. See lots of examples of Tommy's paintings  on the Tommy Pop Art page! Click on Picture Gallery.  +Plus-- Check out Tommy Pop Art Portrait Urns. Hand-painted in Tommy Pop Art's signature portraiture style, these memorial urns are a uniquely personalized way to forever cherish your pet and provide an extra-special resting place for their ashes. Click on the TOMMY POP ART button on top of this page for more details. NOTE: Tommy has recently increased painting completion time to 4-5 months per painting due to the overwhelming demand for portraits/Urns.


S a l e s   O f  T h e  M o n t h Continues! -  FEBRUARY 2016

"Buy $99 or more and receive a FREE Black Bandana!"

If your order is $99 or more you will receive our 4-Design Black Bandana for FREE! – A $7.50 savings!


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